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Regular group fitness classes run by Henry, open to and suitable for absolutely everyone! Each class has built in levels so they're suitable for all abilities and allow you to progress at your own pace. With the extra motivation of the group spurring you on you won't even notice how hard you're working and you'll soon be flying up the levels.  



This is our Adult Ninja class, loads of fun and a brilliant way to improve your strength, fitness and endurance! Learn new skills and how to beat the awesome ninja obstacles from a Ninja Warrior UK finalist and have a go at some very exciting and challenging courses. There's difficulty levels to everything so all conditions and abilities can get involved, progress at their own pace and have a great time with a brilliant group of ninjas in the making.

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Great session for kids aged 4 - 14yrs. They learn new skills and how to beat the obstacles, play fun games and take on fun courses and challenges with the help and guidance of our skilled and experienced coaches. Really good for building strength, fitness and confidence in the little ninjas, but most importantly they burn off a load of energy and have LOADS of fun!


Brilliant class to get you moving and improve your fitness, strength and overall health! Circuit training is a great way to shed off any excess lockdown weight and tone your body up! It's hard work but fun and great to train and improve as part of a group. Suitable for any level or ability, all exercises are designed for you to progress at your own pace so absolutely anyone can join in, have a great time and get all the best out of it!

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Master your own body weight! It's a brilliant new training style that's making big waves in the fitness world. Training using your own body weight to build strength, fitness and improve balance. You can build up to some really impressive skills and it absolutely shreds fat right off!! It also complements ninja training really well!


These sessions use movement to really get your heart and lungs working as well as improve your agility. They're great for losing weight and increasing fitness, they may be hard but you'll be amazed at how quickly you see improvements and start feeling fitter every day.