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What do you get?

  • Increase physical activity

  • Learn how to get fit and stay fit

  • Improved quality of life

  • Great time with a new group

  • Find a new path

  • Employment opportunities

  • Enjoy fitness


@HC:FIT NinjaTraining

Who’s it for?

Males and females aged 16-24 not currently in full time employment, education or training. If you want to get active and fit in a way that’s fun and enjoyable as well as learn what to do in a gym or at home to keep yourself fit this is perfect for you. If you want all this as well as the potential to find yourself a new path in life and employment in the fitness industry, then this is even more perfect!

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What’s involved?

1 session a week for 12 weeks, sessions alternate every week, 6 fun sessions getting active taking on a Ninja Warrior course as well as learning new skills like Parkour and trampolining, 6 sessions in the gym learning exercise techniques, how to train, how to hit targets and get fit and stay fit!


If the gym sessions peak your interest and you want to get into a career in fitness coaching, you will be put onto a personal training course, complete the course and you’ll be given the opportunity to get employment in a number of gyms all across Liverpool and the rest of the country.

What does it cost?

£5 per session. BUT, consider this a deposit towards a better life… If you complete the 12 week course you get back everything you’ve paid, the total amount is bumped up in value to vouchers you can use for fitness activities or equipment.

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Where is it?

HC:FIT NinjaTraining, 1 Birchall Street, L20 8PD


When is it?

Wednesdays 5 - 6pm from Feb 2019

How do I get in?

Contact us:

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